The University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia (UWA), established in 1911 and teaching it’s first students in 1913, lays across 65 hectors of land with beautiful limestone buildings, pristine lawn and magical gardens. Resident ducks, peacocks and peahens roam freely around the university with no care in the world. With Perth City just 5-10 minutes away, UWA is unbelievably quiet, calm and peaceful. It’s my favourite place to be.

I’m not currently a student at UWA, but my long-time tutor and good friend David, who is a 4th year Engineering student, is. UWA is our favourite place to study which is what we did today, study for my up-coming Mathematics exam.

Of course I couldn’t resist taking a bunch of photographs. I hope you enjoy them and have a beautyful day x

1898133_852440568113194_7029963428595822949_n 1926742_852441198113131_4738951848697554233_n 1966817_852440368113214_5607002324839031645_n 1972283_852440474779870_3788776968775758514_n 10155318_852440504779867_411464317614636711_n 10347503_852440221446562_6974753718010142037_n 10357113_852440758113175_6140653512413788927_n 10409153_852441314779786_5297590441614177082_n 10440873_852440704779847_4479654598594641717_n 10516807_852440911446493_3492124534969464754_n 10610491_852440534779864_1619122099161691941_n 10625093_852440428113208_3346401688219707573_n 10626641_852440601446524_5141267166245318428_n 10628238_852440268113224_2035372789333657127_n 10635762_852440311446553_6830837735546085027_n 10689795_852440178113233_7834149272615507803_n 10712727_852440791446505_6213749500304388759_n

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