Perth’s electrifying spring storm

On November 14th, 2015, I was down south visiting my Mum and little niece Nay for the weekend. Nay, who is eight, and I were swimming at Falcon Bay beach when she pointed out lightening coming from this massive cloud forming. I didn’t see any lightening but she continued to keep pointing to this cloud for the next hour every time she saw this ‘lightening’.


The water was warm and the sunset to the left of the cloud was brilliant in rich vibrant yellows and oranges. I was busy trying out my new underwater phone pouch when I caught a small fork of lightening strike the ocean.


Over the next few hours Perth people, from all the way down south where I was, to all the way up North and in the hills, caught amazing footage of this storm. Beaches were full of people well into the night as they sat around in beach chairs with a beer and a smartphone or iPad.

Here’s a small video I made of the storm at the beginning of it x

One Reply to “Perth’s electrifying spring storm”

  1. Enjoyed the photos well done very hard to get a shot of the Lightning Stacey is getting some photos with her new camera at Melbourne zoo

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