Two British pounds

It glistened in the morning sun
It pulled toward her eyes
Too curious to make a run
Never would she hide

Fluttering over to pick it up
Her eyes so bright and wide
A feeling stirred in her gut
As around her hand she guides

‘Two pounds’ she read in excited glee
Her heart beat fast as a fox
Lugging the coin back to her tree
Dropping it in her money box

The box was made of leaves and wood
A promise of hopes and dreams
She wished as often as she could
But nothing is as it seems

The sky cried, clouds lost their size
Her body overcome with a chill
The forest creatures hid in disguise
The Queen, with a look that could kill

‘Somebody took something from me, somebody expressed excitable glee’

A furry shadow blocked the sun
Purring evil in full delight
Looking pointedly at the one
His eyes were black as night

‘My Queen! She’s here, the one you seek. Lanky and shriveled like an aged leek’

The cat curled up, satisfied
Small smirks dancing across his face
A tail twitched from side to side
Waiting for the show with haste

The Queen appeared without a sound
Scanning the room with greed
And there upon the ledge she found
A box made from wood and leaves

Fingers tightening around her prize
Made her way to the window
What a jest! None the wise
She left with the cat in tow

‘She thought she take what’s rightfully mine, she took back her fee. To live in my world, for the sun to shine, her heart was payment to me’

Placed on her marble shelf of hearts
The wood and leaves stood still
No longer driving her world apart
Everything was at her will

‘Guard your heart, keep it safe’
The wise man had once warned
‘Show love in time, do not waste
or from you it will be torn’

‘My mother, the Queen stole my heart as payment, as my fee. She took the heart of everyone, to strip them of their glee’

‘You’ll need a box for your fees’
his wisdom was unbound
‘Make sure it’s made with wood and leaves
and fill it with British pounds’

Wasting no time, as the wise man said
A box was made for her shelf
The second box she placed next to her bed
Then left to find her wealth

Searching high searching low
Glistening the forest floor
She watched her wealth fully grow
Excited for freedom in store

The last coin had dropped
The moment with glee
But soon everything stopped
As the Queen came down to see

Claiming her box as fingers were striate
Disappearing from the forest floor
Her heart was safe her heart was quiet
As the wise mans words danced once more:

‘Beware of those who say they love you, don’t go out on a limb. Because only what their heart desires, is what always will win’

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