Myra’s Monday Book Club – Week 1

I created a little Instagram book club that failed in its first week. First, I had a horrible headache from Monday – Wednesday, then I got Swimmers Ear, then I had an accident while on location for a writing assignment. I was photographing a waterfall and as I was walking out to the rocks in the middle to get a brilliant shot, I slipped and smashed my head on a rock, blacked out for a few seconds and fell on my arm in the freezing cold water. I was checked out by a Doctor and besides feeling very sore and having a lumpy black arm, I’m fine. Due to all the commotion this week, I only got to read two out of the four books that I had posted.

Here is the review of the two books I read. The next lot of books I have picked for week 2 will be up on my Instagram after this article is posted. I hope you have all had a brilliant week x


I read this book when I was fifteen and loved it. It’s strange to read a book as an adult when it made an impact on you as a teen – because you are in a totally different place in your life now, moved by experience, mistakes, heartache and joy. ALEX is the first book in a quartet about a girl – living in New Zealand – named Alex who is swimmer training for the 1960 Rome Olympics. It’s a short book with the usual things life throws at you when you are trying your hardest to achieve something – love, loss, joy, heartache, failure.

Spending part of my childhood in New Zealand, I felt quite a connection with this book. It took me a while to get into the story, but once I did, I was excited to get hold of the other three books and read them. I know I have read the first two books, but I don’t remember ever reading the last two. Unfortunately, I remembered some of the heartache that Alex went through and my heart sunk as I got closer and closer to sadness.

I would recommend this book – it’s aimed at ‘secondary students between 13-18’- but if you are opened minded, any age could read it. I don’t feel like it’s written only for that age group – it’s not written down for an understanding for that age group.


Bear is Now Asleep has been sitting in my bookcase for a long time- like a year. I picked up this book while op shopping and I knew it was going to be heartbreaking and an emotional read. I was right about that… but not in the way I thought.

The book is a true story written by a father whose little girl was killed in a freak accident – it’s about how the family coped after the event. The events in the book go back and forth to after the death, then before, then at the funeral, back to before the death, then the wake, then a week before the death. It was a very interesting read and at first I found it hard to take in and understand. Then I understood that this is from the view of the father and how he saw things. I couldn’t change it to my own understanding because this is how his brain worked to cope with the loss. We don’t often see things from the view of men and how they feel and cope with distressing situations and events in their lives.

Williams account was raw and honest and gave me more of an understand of how men cope. This book is a lot to take in but I would really recommend it as a way of looking through the eyes of someone in a time of unbearable grief. William talks about the things we don’t see or know that happen in a family, when everyone has said their goodbye and condolences and leave to their own homes and families. We all move on with our lives with only a touch of sadness – but it continues everyday with the family that have had the loss.


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