I started a book club ages ago called #myrasmondaybookclub, an idea that came to me when I read an article on how to get over the Monday blues. I love Monday, it’s a fresh start each week to set new goals, work on your growth as a person and to be productive. In the article that I read, it had a list of things to do, to help you look forward to Monday; one of the things on that list was to start reading a new book.

In light of this idea, I decided to start an Instagram book club each Monday where I pick a book or many books (depending on my University work load), and that is what I read for the week. Then Sunday night, I write a review here on my website.

My goal is to make it interactive, people can read along with a book I have chosen, or recommend a book that I can pick for next time and I would like people who have done a review or who would like to do a review, to do so on their Instagram and I will post the review with mine here on my website.

I also have an exciting giveaway coming up too. All details will be on my Instagram first, then I will post it on here.

If you already follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my previous posts for my book club. I started this club a while ago, however, I had so much university work and was mourning over the ending of two books, that I stopped my book club.

I am happy to announce that I am now only mourning over one of those books and my book club is officially back on starting today. You can find this weeks picks on my Instagram here

Tag me on Instagram for any reviews of books that I am currently reading or any book recommendations.

Happy Monday x


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