Myra’s Monday Book Club – week 3

I listened to this series on my Audible app over a year ago, but decided to make it part of my Monday book club and listen to it again.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this series! I love it better this time that I listened to it… this will be the third time.

In the first book, After the End, the story switches between the narration of Juneau and Miles, who at the time seem to have no connection between them. Juneau lives in Denali, Alaska, (Google pictures of Denali – it’s beauty is so brilliant, I got goose bumps), with her ‘clan’ who live off the grid believing World War III wiped out everyone in 1984, and they are the only survivors. Miles is a rich kid who lives in Holmby Hills in Los Angeles, the son of the CEO of a billion dollar pharmaceutical company. Their paths cross in unexpected ways after Juneau’s clan disappears while she is out on a hunting trip. Together, Juneau and Miles go on a journey to find the disappearing clan, joining with a raven named Poe! This book ends on a cliff hanger – however if you read the blurb for the second book, AFTER you know what the cliff hanger is, it kind of gives away what happens.

The second book, Until the Beginning, continues on the adventure as Juneau and Miles continue to look for her clan, with an ending that is strange and magnetic.

To be honest, this book drew me in because it captured everything that I love. I am drawn to Alaska, for it’s beauty, nature and wildness. I LOVE ravens, here in Australia we call them crows. They are brilliant, intelligent and I just love their black feathers that glisten a dark blue in the hot Western Australian sun. Juneau’s character is written so well, she is strong although she knows where her weaknesses lie. She takes moments out when she is feeling stressed, so to prepare her for what lies ahead. I love Miles, he is honest and rigid at first, but at the same time he is flexible and they both learn a great amount from each other. He craves his Dad’s approval so much, not realizing how deep his fathers greed for a certain chemical formula is.

To sum up these two books, I would say ‘an epic road trip, apocalyptic in the real world with romance, human greed, connection to nature and the earth and a well deserved bear attack’.

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