Books I’m not allowed to read until exams have finished | Book haul+video

All my assignments have been handed in, all my prac and prac theory exams are done – all is left are four final exams, and you can see the light at the other end!

I have been listening to books via my Audible app, but that is all I allow myself because once I start reading an actual book – my world slips, fusing within the letters that create words, as time and presence is lost. Day changes to night, the sun swapping shifts with the moon as the stars dance across the sky with cheeky smiles knowing that you are so far gone and the lectures explaining the bodies systems will have to wait till I come back.

Of course, this has not stopped me from collecting books here and there, over the last couple of months. Below is a video of books I will be devouring come November 25th. There is a few books around my house that I forgot to add into this video – but they will make some grand appearances in the near future x

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