Myra’s Monday Book Club – week 5

I have been so excited to share this book review with you. My week 5 book pick was Elizabeth Gilbert’s BIG MAGIC! I ‘read’ this via my Audible app, which was read by Elizabeth herself. Her voice was so brilliantly tranquil and reassuring.

Big Magic is everything that I needed in a book, for my life at this moment. The entire book felt like Elizabeth was sitting next to me with tea and a biscuit, inside a grand library that just so happened to be within a magical forest, and saying ‘Myra, lets discuss all the feelings, doubts and thoughts that you are carrying’.

Big Magic is about creativity, which is defined in her book as “The relationship between a human being and the mysteries of inspiration”. If you are a creative person, grab the nearest tea, cushion and kitten, and let every word sink deep inside you. If you don’t view yourself as creative, drop everything you are doing, pick up this book and devour every single word – for you need it more then the creative person.

Elizabeth felt like the mentor I have always craved and needed, her wisdom, advice and thoughts will stay with me for a very long time.

This book is like a ‘one size fits all’ scarf – it will speak to you in ways that will be perfect for you, and no one else. One of my friends read this book about a year ago and told me the words enlightened her in a way that was so perfect for her. This led her to leave one university degree for another, for a life that she took back as her own from people that were interfering.

The words that captured me were those of encouragement and enlightenment that I would always be strongly creative – even though I am walking down a path of science. My creativity began very early in my toddler years, and it became a method of survival. Survival instincts don’t just disappear.

Big Magic will be just the thing you need in your life at this very moment – no matter what you are going through.


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