Myra Peggy Rose

Writer | Bookworm| Editor | Adventurer | Sailor

Perth, Western Australia

Writer and Editor for So Perth

Editor-in-Chief and Writer of the Perth Observatory Newsletter

 I’m at University studying a Bachelor of Science.
Passionate sailor
Avid explorer and adventurer
I always have a book with me
I love cats and tea
I don’t have any party tricks
I hate small talk
Always on Instagram

Personal Instagram


All photographs are mine unless stated in the caption. Please ask permission before using anything from this website.

Have a brilliant day x

For all business inquiries or any questions, please use the contact form below.


A journey to the summit of Bluff Knoll, the tallest mountain in the South West of Australia.


Stirling Ranges, Western Australia


Busselton, Western Australia



Busselton, Western Australia


SUNRISE – Busselton, Western Australia
Summer 2014/2015
Sailing season of 2015 – Swan River Perth WA


Wing over the Indian Ocean
A flight from one island to another – Perth, Western Australia to Bali, Indonesia.
I flew a Cessna 152 up and down the coast of Western Australia.

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